Corporate Responsibility

Great love for Sichuan

At 14:28 on 12 May 2008. 04.0 seconds Latitude: 31.0 ° N Longitude: 103.4 ° E Depth: 33km Magnitude: 8.0 on the Richter Maximum intensity: 11 degrees, Sichuan 8.0 earthquake, the sudden disaster to people in disaster areas has caused tremendous damage and injury. Adhering to the "enterprise is part of the social fabric, and fulfill corporate social responsibility contribute to the community" business philosophy, Mosaic made an urgent decisions to donations to the affected areas, to tide over the difficulties with the disaster.


Mosaic electronics factory treat a sick employees as a family

Mosaic electronics factory treat a sick employees as a family. Mosaic's chairman get to know that a production staff's child was seriously ill and spent all of their savings to help, however, the child's condition has not improved, who still in urgent need of a large sum of the cost of treatment. 

In view of this situation, the Mosaic chairman initiative to explore all staff carry forward humanity, love, dedication, in donations, whether in daily life, or a staff you never meet, all have a helping hand, give positive of their hearts of love in the whole company. It makes the touching scene.


Equip employees to bring out their talents

Talent is the most important asset of Mosaic electronics factory, giving perfect foster of employee development and career opportunities, let Mosaic electronics factory able to provide customers with high quality services and products.

We are convinced that the place is not just a work, but a family, a large group of team. Through our activities, our employees and their families can celebrate the good times, so that makes Mosaic electronics factory family more joy and more beautiful.